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Feature: Why the words Professional family photoshoot make me cringe

Why I hate the word "photoshoot"

5 min read

Professional. Family. Photoshoot.


3 words to strike fear into the heart of every Mum and Dad with children of, well, any age frankly. You’re desperate to capture your families memories, commit them to albums and prints, so that you have preserved your memories and theirs.


However, your children do not sit still, do not like strangers, HATE having their picture taken, will not wear what you want them to…the list goes on.


What if I was to tell you that my style of photography doesn’t involve any cajoling, awkward posing, begging toddlers to stay still or teenagers to smile.


That I don’t even like the word photoshoot as I feel that it doesn’t encompass the type of pictures that I produce.

We've all done enough walking to last a lifetime!


Family photography is changing, it doesn’t have to include all those elements people worry about when they think of a photoshoot. What it does involve is beautiful story telling and intricate details of your life.


You can be free, free to do the things you love with your family (walking, baking, playing) while I melt into the background. These pictures will never age, and will resonate with you forever. I am simply there to capture your family’s personality, exactly how it is.


Drop me an email and let me unlock the magic of family photography 2021 style!

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