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Feature: Why do clients come back?!

Clients come back year after year - why?!

5 min read

 Repeat clients are very important for all businesses but why do they come back to a photographer when they’ve already done a shoot.

Natural newborn photography, based in Newbury Berkshire. Baby with Mum and Dad


They’ve got the pictures, why repeat the experience!?




Relaxed newborn photoshoot, based in Newbury Berkshire. Baby with Dad

Children change rapidly, which means their personalities grow and adapt and their outlook on the world revolutionises every 6 months as they learn new things. The details that consume your life from day to day are so important to remember, one minute, Peppa Pig is their entire life, the next, you find George stuffed behind their bed, forgotten. These phases are fleeting, but filled with joy (and horror) and it’s this that brings clients back again and again.

Natural family photography, based in Newbury Berkshire, baby enjoying his breakfast


My style of photography is all about your details that makeup your life. I don’t tell you what to wear, or where we will do the shoot. I want to be with you, in your life, capturing it just as it is.

Real family photography, based in Newbury Berkshire, boy with his Mum and bump

And that’s why my clients come back. The pictures are from a newborn shoot I did, and then a shoot with the same family, expecting a lovely sibling for Kit and I’m going back in May to photograph the new arrival


(oh and ofcourse, shoots are mega fun!!)



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