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Family feature: Oxford family photoshoot - playing on a lake

When you grow up beside a lake - the stories are endless. Family photography in Oxfordshire

5 min read

When a client books a shoot, I always ask a little bit about who they are, what their children are like and ultimately what they are looking for from a shoot. Everyone has a story they want to remember and I love to listen to these tales.


Stories don’t need to be extraordinary to be worthy of memory. Our lives are made up mostly of the everyday, and it’s that every day we need to keep hold of and remember.  


This shoot was at a lake in Oxfordshire, where the children had grown up swimming and later on, water skiing. It was just down from their house, and their summer memories are all wrapped up at this location.


It was such a fun shoot, the children totally relaxed in an environment that they know and love. Shoots should never be stressful or forced, it should always be a true representation of your life and how you live it.

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