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Brand spotlight shoot: Toys that are grown with love, Love Heartwood, Newbury

Telling the story of a toy brand with a soul.

5 min read

Sometimes a brand comes along that’s ethos about childhood is so in line with yours, you wonder if they’ve seen into your soul.

Toy Skittles being played on a brand shoot in Berkshire


I believe in children being children, allowing them to explore, be curious and letting their personalities shine through. They’re perfectly imperfect, and often brands shy away from this in favour of more sterile images which they believe consumers want to see.


Toy product shot in Berkshire

While working out the brief for this shoot, we decided ‘in shoot’ product shots would be perfect for Love Heartwood. This means that we shot them out and about, not in a studio - just how toys are destined to be.


Children playing with toys at a brand shoot in Berkshire

Girl holding a cup for a brand shoot in Berkshire

Liz from Love Heartwood then said she wanted a shoot where we gave her beautiful toys to some children and let them play to their hearts content. It was at this point I knew this was a brand to collaborate with. Children can’t fake joy and excitement, and just allowing them to be means you get authentic emotion coming through in every picture.


Toy brand shoot in Berkshire - girl holding rattle

It also means, from a brand perspective, you can truly see ow much children love your products – how far you’ve come in creating something authentic and special – and that…that is very exciting.

Toy product shoot, boy playing with spinning top

If your brand has a true authentic story to tell, please do get in touch and we can tell it together.

Toy product shoot in Berkshire


Boy playing with products in Toy brand shoot
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