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Feature: Newbury family photography - Documentary what now?!

What on earth is documentary photography?!

5 min read

You’ve scrolled through 10 photographers on Instagram – they’re all slightly different. Which one do you pick!?

Photographers throw around a lot of words when describing the type of art they create. Lifestyle, documentary, portrait, natural, relaxed, authentic, honest, real…the list goes on and the differences can be confusing. When picking a photographer, it’s so key to choose a style that speaks to you, that makes your heart sing, and aligns with who your family is.

I am predominately a newborn and family documentary photographer.


“a what now, I hear you say?!”

It's the small details of your life that are so important


This means, I am fascinated by all the details of your life, the small unique moments that make you and your family tick, that make us all individual humans. All photography should be original, and your family’s is no different.


I like to think of the style as a ‘day in your life’ – your shoot should represent what you do on a day-to-day basis, capturing whatever activities you all love to do, I just happen to be there committing it film. That’s why I come to you for a shoot, to your house, your favourite woods, the beach – wherever you make memories, I’m there!


I specialise in photographing children, particularly the high octane, never-sit-down, ones. My style of family photography means your children do not have to sit down, they do not have to pose, and I will not ask them to sit in odd places they would never normally sit! With this ethos, you can relax, play with your children and have fun. I encourage all types of behaviour, because behaviours create emotion and emotion creates connection. Throw that together in your surroundings, with your things, and we’ve created magic.


Here are some tips below for picking a professional photographer:


1.    Check out their Instagram and their gallery. Their style will be represented in those squares and will give you an indication of how your shoot will look.

2.    Think about what you want to get out of the shoot, at the time and also for the future. Do you have hundreds of memories buried in your 4 walls, ones that you never want to forget and that you want to hold onto? Do you want a yearly album of your children’s life, so you never miss a second? Each photographer brings something different to the table.

3.    Pick up the phone. Photography can be quite intimate, you are trusting someone to capture the most important details of your story, creating heirloom memories forever. Having a quick chat over the phone will allow you to get a feel for them, and what they are like before you invite them into your lives.


If you’ve looked at my portfolio, and the services I offer, please do drop me a line and we can discuss your life I would love to put your story down on film. Professional photography is an art, I do so hope you like mine.

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