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Family feature: Newbury family photography - breakfast with family

Why breakfast time is the BEST time to start a shoot....

5 min read

The perfect gift.

Two children in Hampshire playing during family photography shoot


It can be so hard deciding on the perfect present for someone, which is why the gift of memories can be so special. This family from Hampshire, wanted to give their Mum family photographs of her 4 grandchildren for her to cherish, so we did a 4 hour morning shoot, starting at my favourite time of the day – Breakfast!


There is something so unique about breakfast, everyone has it, but each family has different routines and traditions. Pancakes on Sunday, Saturday croissants, breakfast is steeped in ritual, which makes it such an exciting time to photograph. It’s also very specific to the age of your family. Breakfast with toddlers is a very different experience to breakfast with teenagers.

Boy eating breakfast during a family photography session, Hampshire


This family really embraced the documentary approach to photography, allowing the young children to take the lead, playing with the toys, looking after the chickens and running riot.


Children feeding chickens during Hampshire family photography session by The Ginger Collective

Gorgeous family photography in Hampshire, by The Ginger Collective Photography

I love energy in all its forms. It’s what makes a photograph jump off the page.


Mum and baby during family photography shoot with The Ginger Collective Photography in Hampshire

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Boy playing at home in Hampshire during family photography shoot

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