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Documentary style photography, capturing your unique life.

based in Berkshire, but with clients  all over the south of england as your life is where you live



About me

Welcome to the Ginger Collective Photography!


I’m so pleased that you stumbled across my site, and that you are thinking about capturing some of your family memories forever. Now, at this point you’re probably wondering what on earth you’re thinking, you hate the camera, your children don’t keep still, and your partner looks utterly horrified at the thought. 




For starters, I am a mum to two totally mischievous, high energy toddlers and I have seen it all. The tantrums, the tears, the baby who won’t stop crying. None of this phases me, in fact, this type of energy can make a session super exciting.


Secondly, I also hate being in front of the camera. So much so, on my wedding day my photographer pulled me aside and asked why I kept pulling such strange faces. I get it, you feel awkward, but you don’t have to, I promise.


My name is Becca and I’m a family documentary photographer. This means that I love the chaos and mess that life throws at us and I am passionate about capturing the everyday details that make your life yours. Everyone is unique, and your photography should be too. This also means, I try and steer away from the posed photographs that put the fear into everybody, that awful moment you’re standing there with a strained look on your face while you PRAY your toddler isn’t wiping their nose on your top.


Your session will be somewhere you love - your home, the local park or a walk over the hills; somewhere you’ve made real memories, and want to capture them forever. 


Our time together will be informal, relaxed and allow your children to run free, be wild, and be themselves. Playing games is a speciality of mine, I make an excellent superhero and a 3 year old once told me my donkey impression was the best he had ever heard. 


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